Listen, breathe

Minfulness training

Listen, breathe

fatigue, exhaustion, depression, outbursts of anger, silence

Too many memories, thoughts, objectives and plans create the most common trap for your mind. They continually move you backwards or forwards in time. They hinder or even prevent you from maintaining the present mode. You do not see:

  • changes,
  • opportunities for development,
  • business opportunities,
  • needs of other people,
  • yourself.

You live in an unmindful manner. You are upset because something happened once or you are worrying about the future, planning, organising and finishing. You burn out and become exhausted. The mindfulness training, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, has been helping people for more than 25 years to deal with daily difficulties and troubles. The effectiveness of this programme has been confirmed in a meta-analysis of 209 studies participated by 12 145 people. This method supports building and protecting your personal energy, motivation, involvement, and counteracts effects of stress, exhaustion and burnout. We have prepared breathing exercise for you, inspired by the work of this author. Try and see how it works.

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